Our Group values

Despite our geographical and cultural diversity, we are bound together by our values. They encompass beliefs, commitment and motivations and guide all our business dealings with each other, our customers, the community and other stakeholders. We bring these together through ACT NOW!.

  • Pushing Beyond Boundaries

    In our field of expertise, we strive as individuals, as a team, and as an organisation to break new ground and achieve higher levels of performance, reaching to the depth of our abilities.

  • Respect

    At work, we treat each other as we would like to be treated - we value and learn from the strength of our diversity. We actively listen to others and recognise that everyone has a contribution to make.

  • Integrity

    As employees of a highly respected financial services company, we act honestly and openly and we are trustworthy and consistent in all that we do. We act in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

  • Accountability

    In our careers with Old Mutual, we take responsibility for the commitments we make, the actions we preform and the problems that arise. We accept that we will be judged by our actions.

We bring these together through ACT NOW!

  • A Aim high and take your team with you

    This is about focusing on stretch; high performance; not tolerating mediocrity; energy; courage; boldness and bravery; vision; an urgent desire to win; energising others; rallying people; and inspiring others.

  • C Customer first - they're the reason we're here

    This is about understanding customer needs; being responsive; knowing the competition; learning from what competitors do well; being a customer champion; having a future-focus.

  • T Treat the business like it's our own

    This is about being commercial, competitive and outsmarting competitors; entrepreneurship; investing resources well; driving for long-term value; being externally focused; promoting the organisation inside and out; spotting opportunities; innovating; finding new and better ways of doing things; taking calculated risks and deeply understanding implications; learning from mistakes; and managing change.

  • N Need to listen carefully and talk honestly

    This is about listening well; communicating clearly; giving and receiving feedback; being transparent; having quality, balanced interactions; displaying genuine and authentic leadership; being visible and accessible; admitting mistakes; and candour - being open and honest.

  • O Own our decisions - decide and deliver

    This is about decisiveness; accounting for risks; executing; tracking and review; discipline; determination; resilience; managing performance; simplifying; applying rigour; delivering on commitments; and focusing on results.

  • W Win together - help others succeed

    This is about holding each other to account; supporting, encouraging and empowering; challenging; empathising; sharing knowledge; demonstrating confidence in others; collaborating towards a common goal; creating value through cooperation and teamwork; working across boundaries; breaking down work silos; embracing diversity and global understanding.

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