Responsible business in practice

We have a collection of stories from across the countries in which we operate. They demonstrate the many ways in which our aim of being a responsible business actually happens at a local and personal level within Old Mutual.

Responsible to our customers

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Responsible investment

  • Housing Impact Fund

    Housing Impact Fund for South Africa aims to fill this significant housing gap, and focuses primarily on residential households earning between R3 500 and R16 000 per month.

  • IDEAS for the future

    The IDEAS Managed Fund focuses on infrastructure investments that make a significant contribution to economic growth and/or upliftment in core infrastructure, environmental infrastructure and social infrastructure.

  • OMIGSA's R9bn fund targets gap in housing

    Old Mutual Investment Group South Africa (OMIGSA) Alternative Investments has raised a total of R9 billion for its Housing Impact Fund for South Africa.

  • The Imfundo Trust

    The Imfundo Trust focuses on assisting deserving black students to acquire tertiary training at selected South African universities.

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Responsible to our employees

  • Old Mutual Women's Network

    We established the Old Mutual Women's Network in London at the beginning of 2012 to help ensure women are being given the tools to reach more senior roles within Old Mutual.

  • Managing for value

    During 2011 we produced a booklet 'Managing for Value' which describes the type of risk culture we want to create, the behaviours that support that culture, and contains practical scenarios to help teams to better assess and understand risk.

  • Leveraging our diversity to build strong teams

    Nku strongly believes in the power of team working particularly as we all live and work in a globalised world.

  • Looking after the financial wellbeing of our employees

    Our employees' wellbeing is extremely important to us and we want to ensure that we are providing not only physical and emotional wellbeing support, but that our employees are also cared for financially.

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Responsible to our communities

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Responsible environmental management

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