Exactly 12 months ago Old Mutual Limited became an independently listed company and WOW, what a year it’s been!

NOW is the time to check out 12 highlights:

  1. We expressed our pride in our African roots with a bold and vibrant new brand identity.
  2. We ‘radicalised’ our values and shifted our culture to build a high performance, impactful organisation.
  3. Our technology advanced rapidly: our first robot began operating and our automation rate reached 62%.
  4. We sold our business in Latin America and increased our focus on growing in Africa.
  5. Old Mutual Rewards launched, encouraging more than 70 000 customers (so far) to develop responsible money habits and achieve financial wellbeing.
  6. Users of 22seven, our money management app, can now track more than 1 800 cryptocurrencies in rands, a first for South Africa.
  7. AMPD Studios, a thrilling new sponsorship alive with energy and spirit, was launched to support talented musos.
  8. We committed R1 billion to agriculture, R34 billion to clean energy, R2.3 billion to quality education.
  9. We improved our B-BBEE shareholding from 19.5% to 22.84% and allocated R700 million to loan funding for black owned enterprises (through the Masisizane Fund in 2018)
  10. Capital returns worth R45.9 billion were distributed and R91.5 billion paid to customers (in 2018, incl. insurance claims, annuity payouts and investment maturities).
  11. We positioned ourselves as a leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment manager to all clients.
  12. R10 000 worth of Old Mutual shares awarded to each qualifying permanent employee.

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