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Chairman, Trevor Manuel

“Our foremost strategic focus area continues to be ensuring that we become our customers’ first choice to sustain, grow and protect their prosperity.”

Trevor Manuel
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"Although 2021 was a very tough and challenging year, our company’s resilience and resourcefulness were evident throughout."

2021 Highlights

Financial Performance
Financial Performance
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Group solvency ratio
Social and Environmental Impact
Social and Environmental Impact
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B-BBEE certification
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Our products and services

We have a range of products and services across multiple operational segments.

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We offer our products and services to customers through our multi-channel distribution network.

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To be our customers'
1st choice to sustain, grow and protect their prosperity
Championing mutually positive futures every day
Respect each othe and our communities
Respect for each other and the communities we serve
Trust and Accountability
Trust and accountability
Agile Innovation
Agile innovation that makes a difference
Power of Diversity
The power of diversity and inclusion
Champion the Customer
Champion the customer
Act with Integrity
Always act with integrity

We will make it evident that Old Mutual cares through solutions and actions that support customers, their families, and communities.

We do this by offering our customers solutions that are accessible, affordably priced and supporting them through financial education. We also demonstrate “care” by treating all stakeholders fairly and ensuring that we create shared value by delivering on our Responsible Business focus areas, which are incorporated into our Sustainability Framework.

Our Responsible Business focus areas are responsible investment, environmental impact, financial education and inclusion, education, entrepreneurship, skills development, and diversity and inclusion.

We will maintain our dominance across our physical channels and modernise our traditional distribution advantage by digitally enabling our intermediaries.

We will integrate the best parts of our physical solutions with digital solutions that provide a seamless and integrated customer experience across all touch points. Enhancing our physical reach with a digital presence will help us to be “always present”.

This will be supported by a strong brand presence so that when customers think of financial services, they think of us first.

We will convert our understanding of our customers’ goals and circumstances to provide personalised, regular and meaningful engagement. We will do this by educating, encouraging and rewarding customers for taking consistent action towards achieving their personal financial goals.

At the centre of this intent is MyOldMutual, a pan-African digital platform that aims to deliver a seamless and integrated customer experience across our full suite of capabilities. This includes financial advice, financial education, rewards, data driven nudges and a full suite of modular products. This will enable us to offer customers the right solutions at the right time, enabling them to reach their financial goals.

Our people strategy is focused on building a future fit workforce, culture and people experience that enables the business to respond effectively to rapidly changing customer needs.

In building this workforce, we will create an environment that embraces new ways of working and develop the requisite capabilities to gear the business for growth. This will be supported by driving the requisite culture shifts to create an agile and execution focused organisation. We will also ensure that our employee experience, including our employee value proposition, remains compelling so that we are able to attract and retain key talent.

For solutions where we are already competitive and market leading, we will focus on enhancing their flexibility and ease of use.

We will continuously improve solutions and launch innovative and refreshed propositions. These propositions will enable key shifts that our customers require, including customised solutions and the best advice delivered through a seamless experience.

Our Business Model

We offer products and services in a way that best services our customer needs. We do this with the support of the Group’s enabling functions.