September 2019
Dividend Currency equivalents

Shareholders are referred to Old Mutual’s Interim Results announcement dated 2 September 2019, wherein the company declared an interim dividend of 45 cents per share, which will be paid on 14 October 2019. The previously published timetable remains the same.

Shareholders on the London, Malawian, Namibian and Zimbabwean registers will be paid in the local currency equivalents of the interim dividend. In Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe these payments will be made through the dividend access trust or similar arrangements established in each country.

The local currency equivalents of the interim dividend has now been established as follows:

Malawi 21.69   Malawi kwacha per share 
 Namibia  45  Namibian cents per share
 United Kingdom  2.46  GBP pence per share
Zimbabwe  33.80  RTGS cents per share

These local currency equivalents have been calculated using the following exchange rates:

 Malawi  48.2074  Malawi kwacha per Rand
 Namibia  1.0000  Namibian cents per Rand
 United Kingdom  18.3030  Rand per Pound sterling
 Zimbabwe  1.3315  Rand per RTGS dollar