November 2019
Old Mutual heeds the call to drive investment into SA

The JSE, together with its partners Old Mutual, UBS and Standard Bank, are hosting the 7th annual South Africa Investor Conference in New York on 14 and 15 November to showcase South African institutions and listed companies to investors in the US.

Senior official from National Treasury and Public Enterprises will join several top South African executives including Old Mutual Chairman Trevor Manuel and Interim CEO Iain Williamson to engage current and potential international investors in South Africa on the opportunities the country has to offer. For Old Mutual Interim CEO, Iain Williamson, SA Tomorrow opens the door to a world of opportunity for informed investors and serves as a powerful catalyst for growth and development at a crucial time for South Africa.

“We look forward to driving home the message to this important international audience that despite the challenges, South Africa remains an exciting investment destination, with the stability, innovation and strength of our financial institutions shining through and forming the bedrock for future success.” The SA Tomorrow Investor Conference in New York closely follows on from the second locally held investor conference led by President Ramaphosa, at which over US$24-billion in investment pledges were achieved from a range of both local and international businesses. This demonstration of investment confidence is what is needed to move South Africa forward.

This SA Tomorrow Conference serves as a reminder to potential investors that these investment drives are taking place in tandem with a range of economic developments intended to spur on economic growth in the country. From the opening up of special economic zones, to reviving industrial parks, to supporting community business centres, to creating digital hubs and small business incubators, and to supporting entrepreneurship activities.

“We are confident that through initiatives like this, meaningful partnerships can be forged which accelerate growth, contribute to broader social upliftment and lead to higher levels of financial inclusion. We believe that Old Mutual is best placed to drive practical and workable investment solutions that will drive the very growth and development the country needs,” concludes Iain.