November 2019
Old Mutual scoops top 3 BCX Digital Innovation Awards

At the inaugural 2019 BCX Digital Innovation Awards ceremony on Thursday, 7 November 2019, Old Mutual won the Corporate category as well as the first and second runner-up awards.

These awards recognise digital innovations that support South Africa's economic growth and contribute to our society's wellbeing.

"l'm excited and immensely proud of the three teams and the awards they received. Hearty congratulations to everyone who plays a role in driving innovative customer solutions at Old Mutual and thank you for ensuring that the great pioneering work we are doing is being recognised. These three winning solutions have had far-reaching benefits for our customers, who are the real winners," says Iain Williamson, Interim CEO of Old Mutual.

The three team leaders were at the Awards Ceremony to receive the accolades for their solutions on behalf of their teams.

BCX Digital Innovation Awards 2019 Winner

Kusheel Amritlall, Head of R&D: Cognitive Automation and AI

Robotics and Cognitive Automation

Started 18 months ago, this programme now has more than 120 robots in production, releasing around 4 million minutes (which resulted in significant savings) and improving customer experience metrics.

BCX Digital Innovation Awards 2019 First Runner Up

Will Mason, Head of Business Development for Old Mutual Finance

Old Mutual Money Account Mobile Banking App

Built by a very small team to enhance the customer experience and protect customers’ money and data, this app has delivered many industry-first innovations to a fast growing customer base.

BCX Digital Innovation Awards 2019 Second Runner Up

Kerissa Varma, Acting Chief Information Security Officer

Advance threat protection leveraging Cybereason

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence were applied through the Cybereason product to create a single enterprise view with predictive capabilities to identify and stop a cyber attack before it happens.