April 2020
Amendment, Delisting and Deregistration of Programme Memorandum - OMLAC(SA)

OMLACSA established a ZAR4,000,000,000 Unsecured Subordinated Callable Note Programme, which size was subsequently increased to ZAR10,000,000,000 pursuant to an amended and restated programme memorandum dated 23 May 2019 (the “Previous OMLACSA Programme”).

Old Mutual Insure Limited (“Old Mutual Insure”) previously established a ZAR1,000,000,000 Unsecured Subordinated Callable Note Programme pursuant to a programme memorandum dated 3 April 2019 (the “Previous Old Mutual Insure Programme”).

OMLACSA and Old Mutual Insure consolidated the Previous OMLACSA Programme and the Previous Old Mutual Insure Programme to create a single note programme, pursuant to newly established OMLACSA, Old Mutual Insure and Old Mutual Limited ZAR25,000,000,000 Multi-Issuer Note Programme pursuant to the programme memorandum dated 4 March 2020 (the “Multi-Issuer Programme Memorandum”), which was approved by the JSE Limited on 11 March 2020.

Noteholders are advised that pursuant to the Noteholders consents received on 21 February 2020, the following Applicable Pricing Supplements:
1. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML04);
2. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML05);
3. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML06);
4. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML07);
5. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML08);
6. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML09);
7. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML10); and
8. Applicable Pricing Supplement (OML11)

which existed under the Previous OMLACSA Programme, have been amended and restated by migrating their respective existing terms to the Multi-Issuer Programme Memorandum. Noteholders are further advised of the deregistration of the listing of the Previous OMLACSA Programme, effective 18 March 2020. All new notes to be issued by OMLACSA will be issued pursuant to the Multi-Issuer Programme Memorandum.

The Multi-Issuer Programme Memorandum and the amended and restated Applicable Pricing Supplements are available on the following link: