November 2019
Old Mutual apologises for delayed payout at Stanger branch

Old Mutual deeply regrets the distress caused by the delay in the payout of the funeral claim to a family in Stanger, KwaZulu Natal.

Clarence Nethengwe, MD of Old Mutual Mass and Foundation Cluster, explained: “Although most claims are paid on time, and delays are rare, it is clear that we need to make our additional claims assessment processes easier and faster to ensure we do not let any of our customers down in their time of greatest need. While more than 99% of our valid funeral claims are paid out within the contracted 48 hours, we must strive to make that 100%.”

The funeral claim was lodged last Monday, 11 November, referred for further assessment and paid out on Friday, 15 November. The claim was not delayed because Old Mutual doubted that a death had occurred, Nethengwe said. It was delayed because it was referred for further individual assessment. The settlement and payment of the claim was already in progress and was not expedited by the regrettable event that took place at the branch.<

He added: “Although every attempt was made to settle the claim as speedily as possible, we are deeply sorry for the delay. We are committed to doing better and we will be taking steps to accelerate and improve the way we verify those claims that need to be assessed further. Old Mutual will also continue to engage the family and provide any necessary support.”