What is Financial Wellbeing?

We define financial wellbeing as being and feeling financially secure and able to provide for yourself and your family, now and in the future. We focus on enabling financial wellbeing through improving access to financial services, providing products suitable for our customers’ needs and financial education.

This means having well designed, affordable products for each customer segment, which can be easily accessed through the most suitable and convenient channel.

Our approach

We approach financial wellbeing through three key areas:

  • Financial education,
  • Financial inclusion and
  • Providing products suited to our customers’ needs

How do we embed financial wellbeing across Old Mutual?

We approach financial wellbeing through three key areas - financial education, financial inclusion and through the products and services we offer. We have a range of programmes in place looking at our customers' existing and future needs, and those of the wider communities in which we operate. Our aim is to scale up our existing programmes and work together with key partners to create new opportunities for financial wellbeing across Old Mutual.


Providing ongoing financial education countrywide
Providing ongoing financial education countrywide
Saving for education
Saving for education

Financial education

Financial education is defined as the offering of information and tools at the right moment, through the right medium to help people change their financial behaviour.

There are various financial education programs in place for each of our operational segments, primarily delivered through face to face sessions in our Corporate business and the Mass Foundation Cluster, with Personal Finance having developed a digital offering aimed at their customer segment.

We also have a range of financial education offerings available, not only for our customers, but for wider communities as well. These range from school-based workshops, radio shows and interactive websites to work-based discussions.

For the year ended 31 December 2017, our financial education programmes supported over 408 000 people across Africa.

Financial inclusion

We define financial inclusion as the ability to access products and services applicable to the current and future needs of a person, particularly for people previously excluded from the mainstream of the economy.

We work to improve accessibility to our products and services by working with local communities to ensure we meet their needs through innovative solutions such as mobile banks.

In addition, we continue sly invest in our online presence to allow us to promptly and efficiently respond to our customers through their preferred channels.

Providing products suitable for our customers' needs

Our products need to suit the needs of our customers both in the short and long-term, at every stage of their life. We work to ensure our marketing is responsible and clear, our services appropriate for our different customers' needs and that our products offer the best value.