Our Responsible Business Approach
responsible business our responsible business approach
Our Responsible Business philosophy

Old Mutual’s Responsible Business philosophy is underpinned by the desire to be a purposeful organisation with a conscience. We believe that creating shared value for our investors, employees, customers and the communities we operate in, will facilitate the long-term sustainability of the Group and enhance our competitiveness.

In this context, ethical behaviour is a key driver in ensuring we deal with all of our stakeholders in a responsible, fair and just manner. Our framework for ethical business conduct ensures that we are fully compliant with all the UN Global Compact principles regarding labour practices, human rights and anti-corruption. This aligns to our Group values of integrity, respect, diversity, trust and accountability.

Our approach

Our Responsible Business Approach is set at a Group level and aligns with and supports the Group strategy. It is informed by an understanding of the expectations of our customers and the societies and communities we operate in, along with an awareness of the growing environmental and social crises our planet is facing. As a financial services organisation, our Responsible Business efforts are embedded in all facets of the organisation. This includes (but not limited to) the following:

Responsible Investing

Offering clients access to unique investments that address key global issues, such as energy scarcity, agriculture, infrastructure and education, while also delivering sustainable risk-adjusted returns. Committed to investing in ventures that support socially inclusive, low carbon and resource efficient outcomes.

Financial Education and Inclusion

Focused on changing financial behaviours to stimulate increased savings, improved credit ratings, financial well-being and retirement readiness. Ensuring that marginalised groups know their rights and have access to affordable financial products and services creates a more prosperous and inclusive social space for all.


Opportunities for entrepreneurship aim to create sustainable jobs by supporting the emergence of small, medium and micro enterprises. By giving a helping hand to businesses, we are driving job creation, which alleviates the impact of poverty and inequality.

Innovative Skills Development

Innovative skills development aims to empower unemployed youth and drive economic growth. We provided accredited skills and holistic support to help young people to secure jobs and an income, improving quality of life, enriching the talent pool, and reducing inequality.

Next Generation Education

Our focus on early childhood development and next-generation education capacitates school teachers and provides leadership development programmes for school management teams. This enables the delivery of quality education, especially in maths and science, giving children the skills needed to equip our future economy.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to leading by example, embracing diversity and creating an inclusive work environment and processes that maximise employee engagement. A working environment that is connected and inclusive is essential to creating positive engagement, so our people can help our customers and communities achieve their financial goals.