Our impact through Responsible BusinessWe leverage our position within the financial services industry to nurture an ecosystem that multiplies value for both our customers and the communities within which we operate. Our approach is to balance the urgent necessity for positive impact today with the need for sustainable solutions for the health and prosperity of future generations and for the planet. Today we have more than R133.1 billion responsibly invested for positive outcomes.
Responsible Business prioritiesWe prioritise responsible investing, financial inclusion, and the dynamic enablement of business opportunities. Investment in education and skills development is central to our work to empower current and future generations.Responsible Investing

We have responsibility invested R131 billion in socially inclusive, low carbon and resource efficient investments. These directly create further sustainable outcomes for our stakeholders, multiplying positive impact.

  • Agriculture: R2 billion invested, 4,816 workers employed, 1,564 employees offered primary health care
  • Affordable housing: R8 billion invested, over 3,000 affordable homes transferred, 7,648 students put up in affordable accommodation
  • Clean energy: R28 billion invested, over 2.8 million tonnes of reduction in carbon emissions, 991,329 homes powered by clean energy
  • Quality education: R1.6 billion invested, 21,547 learners enrolled in schools, 945 teachers employed in schools we support
Financial Education and Inclusion

Our ambition is to enable financially secure communities by educating and including individuals who have previously not had access to financial products and services. By supporting the understanding of key financial principles such as interest, savings and customer rights, it is possible to enable informed financial decisions that could contribute to the reduction of poverty. A financially educated society underpins the socio-economic success of the communities and countries where we operate.

  • 94 425 people in South Africa reached through Old Mutual On the Money

Entrepreneurs are the life-blood of any economy, they see gaps and drive the accelerated evolution of our marketplaces, with an agility that larger organisations can only aspire to. We have initiatives to offer opportunities to emerging enterprises both within our own extended supply chain, and beyond it. This can take the form of funding, financial services, skills development, or simply having us as a supportive customer on the books. We believe that the organisations that we enable into life now will be the source of our economic prosperity tomorrow.

  • R1.6 billion committed to entrepreneurship development
  • Procurement spend by our preferential procurement office on black-owned SMMEs, increased by 24% in 2019 to R539 million
  • R80 million of the Old Mutual ESD fund disbursed to small businesses
Innovative skills development

Job creation can only be as successful as the pool of talent with the skills needed to supply the demand. South Africa and many other countries have a critical skills deficit. Our youth can be particularly vulnerable to skills deficit and yet hold a long term wealth of potential. We are constantly evolving innovative skill development programmes to help the youth get onto the job ladder, with us, or in the wider marketplace.

  • R114 million invested in employee skills development and training in South Africa
  • Over 596 people reached through community skills development initiatives
  • Over R5 million invested in community skills development initiatives
Next generation education

The success of tomorrow depends upon the children we are educating today. The Old Mutual Educational Flagship programme is now 7 years old and has constantly innovated and improved its support for Maths, Science teachers and School Management teams. The schools we supported show improved matric and bachelor pass rates and more students who go on to graduate from university.

  • 327 schools funded
  • 2,838 leaders trained
  • 3,353 teachers reached
  • 30 tertiary scholarships disbursed
  • 253,000 learners reached
Diversity and inclusion

We have committed to create a diverse and inclusive working environment, which reflects the broader society and allows employees to be their exceptional best. We continue to influence our employees by emphasising the importance of embracing diverse views and opinions.

  • 43% of our Exco are women
  • Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor
  • Paternal leave policy implemented in 2019, prior to it becoming law
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