We have a collection of stories from across the countries in which we operate, demonstrating our Responsible Business impact.


Providing ongoing financial education countrywide
Providing ongoing financial education countrywide
Raising The Standard
Raising the standard

Working with Government officials and education trade unions, harnessing our collective capabilities to reach 250,000 learners over seven years.

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Boosting Financial Wellbeing
Boosting financial wellbeing

At Old Mutual Insure we invest in financial wellbeing.

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UAP Old Mutual Money Management Training for Uber Drivers
UAP Old Mutual Money Management training for Uber drivers

Uber and UAP Old Mutual in Kenya have initiated a series of driver-partner training workshops that will benefit over 4000 Uber Drivers and Partners.

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Technology Libraries
Technology libraries

Recognising the potential of information technology to propel Zimbabwe into a vibrant economy.

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From Little Things Big Things Can Grow
From little things bigger things can grow

Faulu provides business training and micro-loans to boost small businesses.

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On the Money
On the money

'On The Money' is a fun, accessible way to learn more about finance, from personal budgeting to money personality.

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Saving for education
Saving for education

The number one concern for many parents across South Africa is the cost of educating their children.

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Buildings blocks of business

Building blocks of business

A primary focus of the Old Mutual Foundation is to develop economic empowerment, and one of the ways they do this is to develop black-owned businesses that have high potential for job creation, with funding and ongoing business support.

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