We have a collection of stories from across the countries in which we operate, demonstrating our Responsible Business impact.


Creating a living legacy - Wiphold Legacy Fund
Creating a living legacy - Wiphold Legacy Fund
Growing entrepreneurship through small business development
Growing entrepreneurship through small business development

Developing entrepreneurship across the continent is a critical component in achieving shared value.

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Working together to grow both our businesses
Growing our businesses together

Joseph part-funded his business with proceeds from his Old Mutual Max Investment Plan. We helped him to sustain and grow it.

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Saving for the future

The 2-IN-ONE savings plan allows customers to save for their long-term goals while having the flexibility to access some of the funds in the short term if they need it.

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Our Customers Needs - Learning-together img
Learning together

Swaziland head teacher, Almon Mhlanga, is a strong advocate of the Old Mutual On The Money education programme and applies its principles to his own finances.

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Our Customers-Doing-great-things-with-a-family-business
Doing great things with a family business

Daniel Odhiambo is doing great things with his family business, Zaritex Knitwear.

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Buildings blocks of business

Building blocks of business

A primary focus of the Old Mutual Foundation is to develop economic empowerment, and one of the ways they do this is to develop black-owned businesses that have high potential for job creation, with funding and ongoing business support.

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