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Old Mutual Story
Building blocks of business

A primary focus of the Old Mutual Foundation is to develop economic empowerment, and one of the ways we do this is to develop black-owned businesses that have high potential for job creation, with funding and ongoing business support. Incapeace a cement block-making business is one of those black owned businesses who the foundation supports.

Anele Peti, born in Qumbu in the Eastern Cape, has the typical profile of an entrepreneur. Anele is the owner of Incapeace. He used to work at the nearby quarry in 2013, noticed the shortage of quality blocks and spotted a business opportunity. He then established market outlets with five local Build-It stores who committed to taking his product. He secured a production site in partnership with the local quarry owners as part of their social labour development plan (SLDP) to generate employment. He cleared land permissions with the Department Minerals and Resources, and secured grant funding with the Old Mutual Foundation and loan funding with Masisizane Fund. 

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