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Old Mutual Story
Creating a living legacy - Wiphold Legacy Fund

Women Investment Portfolio Holdings (Wiphold), founded in 1997, is a black-women-owned investment company focused on strategic investments in key sectors of the economy, from mining and agriculture to cement manufacturing and financial services. In 2012, Wiphold started a corporate social investment project that aimed to develop a model for the profitable and sustainable farming of communally owned land; and in 2015 three companies contributed a R100-million interest-free loan which was used for working-capital requirements including land preparation, fertilizers and mechanisation. In the 2016/17 season, over 2 000 hectares of land belonging to more than 2 000 land owners in 31 villages was planted with yellow and white maize and soya beans. Returns take the form of cash distributions at the end of the season, as well as maize which is considered a ‘land-use fee’. The project, which employs 12 people on a permanent basis and 16 temporary workers, has contributed to income and food security for participating members and their families.