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Old Mutual Story
Educational Flagship Project

It's our plan to help 250,000 South African maths and science students between 2013 and 2020. The main aim is to boost Grade 12 maths and science results, especially bachelor passes (previously known as university exemption).

Old Mutual is also using its leadership-development, people and project management skills in schools needing help and is ensuring schools can continue to improve once the period of support is over.

Meet Khausu Pheko, a numbers wizard, who has devoted his life to teaching South African youngsters the magic of maths and science. With his boundless energy and passion for teaching, Khausu embodies the spirit of the Old Mutual Education Flagship Project.

Khausu does not have a teaching qualification of any kind but despite this, he has proved an inspiration to many whose school results have improved greatly thanks to his help. Instead Khausu has schooled himself in maths and science and spread his infectious hunger for knowledge informally to children in local schools and at his home, often for free.

His students have been so successful that Khausu's talents were soon obvious to school officials and organisers at Old Mutual Education Flagship Project who singled him out for special help. With the help of Old Mutual, Khausu will now be able to obtain a teacher training degree.