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Old Mutual Story
Investing in Agriculture

Old Mutual Investment Group offers access to an agricultural suite of funds invested in commercial large-scale farms in Africa. These funds are managed by Futuregrowth Asset Management, an investment boutique within Old Mutual Investment Group. UFF Agri Asset Management, the fund advisor to these agriculture investments, has more than 100 collective years of experience in African agriculture from a well balanced team of leading experts in all agricultural disciplines, such as agronomy, agricultural analysis, environmental and social governance, sales and marketing of fresh produce.

The investments are in actual farmland and infrastructure, which are leased to approved operators to manage, develop and run.

Did you know?

  • In 2014 20.5% of Africa was undernourished
  • 2050 25% of the world's 9.7 billion population will be in Africa
  • Only 7% of the 39 million hectares of arable land in Africa is currently irrigated
  • Agriculture - employing 65% of Africa's workforce - is seen as the continent's untapped gold mine

The agricultural investment model is firmly committed to harnessing the social benefits of agricultural initiatives that lead to land development and conservation; environmental reform; employment; healthcare; community ownership; housing; education and food security.

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