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Old Mutual Limited, CEO, Peter Moyo officially opens the MutualPark, Cape Town, Water Filtration Plant
Old Mutual Story
Our Water Plant launch

We are pleased to announce that Mutualpark will no longer be reliant on the City of Cape Town’s municipal water supply. In August 2018 our water filtration plant began operating, having the potential of saving the City of Cape Town up to 15 million litres of water per month.

The plant, which undergoes rigorous testing daily is certified SANS 241 compliant by the national and local governments, and is earmarked to be Mutualpark’s main source of water. Ours is the first privately developed waste water filtration plant in South Africa and has capacity to produce between 650 000 and 800 000 litres a day. Mutualpark alone uses around 450 000 litres of water a day.

Although the winter rains have alleviated the situation, the Western Cape’s water shortage is an ongoing crisis. As a Responsible Business we’ve found an innovative way to reduce our direct impact on the environment and the communities around us by reducing our demand on the City’s water supply. This water filtration plant will enable us to do that.

Remember, it remains our collective responsibility to continue to use water sparingly.

If you have any questions regarding the plant or would like a tour of the plant, email waterwise@oldmutual.com.