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Old Mutual Story
Technology libraries

Old Mutual Zimbabwe, in pursuit of promoting holistic and sustainable development in society, is currently rolling out technology libraries in cities across the country to expedite the digital revolution sweeping across the country.

Despite the rapid penetration of technology, accessibility is still a challenge due to high tariffs and the cost of smart phones. Recognising the potential of information technology to propel Zimbabwe into a vibrant economy that can restore the country to its position as one of the major players in Africa and the developing world, Old Mutual has set up technology libraries (pictured) in the cities of Mutare, Bulawayo and Harare.

Old Mutual's investment covers the purchase of computers, heavy-duty printers, air conditioning and Wi-Fi connection at Technology Centres in the three cities. The facilities that are situated at municipal libraries in low-income residential areas are benefiting thousands of school children and adults who would otherwise find it hard to access the internet.